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Media Centre PC
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Media Centre PC's are a dedicated multimedia PC for the purposes of home entertainment. The computer case is designed to look and feel like a HiFi or stereo component.

Key features of the computer are dual HDTV tuner card, HDMI output capable graphics card, generous HDD space, appropriate media centre operating system (or equivalent ), a DVD or Blu Ray player, 5.1 Surround Sound and most importantly a remote control.

The media centre PC is designed to reside near your TV with the display output going directly to the TV and the sound optionally to a 5.1 AV receiver or the TV as required. The PC can also be connected to your local area network and out to the internet and other shared resources (media files) on other PC's etc.

Once set up and configured the media PC should be capable of viewing and recording free to air digital broadcast, viewing and playing Blu Ray and DVD movies, MP3 and various other media formats.


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