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Leader Systems
Category: Business News

 Leader Systems now available through Jaikom. South Australian manufacturer of pre built systems and one of Australia's largest PC manufacturers based right here in Adelaide.

Leader Systems
Category: Consumer News

 Leader systems now available through Jaikom see current specials on home page and contact us to discuss your next computer related purchase

Media Centre PC
Category: Home Tech

Media Centre PC's are a dedicated multimedia PC for the purposes of home entertainment. The computer case is designed to look and feel like a HiFi or stereo component.

Key features of the computer are dual HDTV tuner card, HDMI output capable graphics card, generous HDD space, appropriate media centre operating system (or equivalent ), a DVD or Blu Ray player, 5.1 Surround Sound and most importantly a remote control.

The media centre PC is designed to reside near your TV with the display output going directly to the TV and the sound optionally to a 5.1 AV receiver or the TV as required. The PC can also be connected to your local area network and out to the internet and other shared resources (media files) on other PC's etc.

Once set up and configured the media PC should be capable of viewing and recording free to air digital broadcast, viewing and playing Blu Ray and DVD movies, MP3 and various other media formats.

NAS - Network Attached Storage
Category: Business Tech

 NAS or Networked attached storage is an external storage device, typically a hard disk drive, that instead of being attached directly to a specific computer is connected to the LAN (local area network) as a stand alone device.

The NAS is usually configured via a web interface that can be accessed  via any of the usual web browsers. Once configured the NAS can be connected to through windows explorer and mapped as a network drive and will appear as another drive in the explorer tree with the assigned drive letter.

Benefits: The benefits of a NAS device over other external storage drives is the ability to have multiple computers connect to the drive at the same time without the need for any specific computer to be on (ie sharing a USB external drive). Further as the device draws comparatively low power by comparison to a computer it can be left on and used as an effective back up drive for multiple machines in your business network.

Windows 7
Category: Business News

Have you been holding off on upgrading your business assets? Still running Windows XP? Contact us today to discuss  the exciting new features of Windows 7 and plan your upgrade and asset refresh strategy.

Windows 7 Has Arrived
Category: Consumer News

 Windows 7 is now available - Contact us today to discuss your next upgrade or new Windows 7 enabled computer purchase.

Asset Rationalisation
Category: Business News

 Do you need to drive efficency in your IT assets?  Contact us to see how we can help manage your IT assets to maximise your effeciency and return on investment.

Free Pick Up and Drop Off
Category: Consumer News

 Jaikom now offers free pick up and drop off for pc repairs and upgrades. If you need your pc fixed or upgraded we can pick it up and drop it off free of charge.

Conditions apply

Samsung LED TV's
Category: Consumer News

The new Samsung range of LED TV's now available in 40" 46" and 50". Ultra slim, stylish and low power combined with network and Internet connectivity make these a sensational multimedia solution.

Browse files (pictures and movies) on your network connected PC and display them right there in your living room.

Contact us today to get your next wide screen TV.

Windows 7 Release Date
Category: Consumer News

Windows 7 official release date

October 22nd 2009

Free View
Category: Consumer News

Are You Freeview ready?

Do you know  the Analogue TV Broadcast will be switched off progressively from 2010

Are you ready to receive the digital TV broadcasts and take advantage of 15 free to air TV channels

Contact us to today to discuss your options for digital TV and web content direct to your TV

IT Tax Breaks
Category: Business News

Budget 2009 IT Tax Breaks

If your business income is less then $2 million the Federal Government has increased the maximum deduction from 30% to 50% for IT capital purchases greater than $1000.

Contact us today to see if we can assist you in your next IT captial purchase


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