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NAS - Network Attached Storage
Category: Business Tech

 NAS or Networked attached storage is an external storage device, typically a hard disk drive, that instead of being attached directly to a specific computer is connected to the LAN (local area network) as a stand alone device.

The NAS is usually configured via a web interface that can be accessed  via any of the usual web browsers. Once configured the NAS can be connected to through windows explorer and mapped as a network drive and will appear as another drive in the explorer tree with the assigned drive letter.

Benefits: The benefits of a NAS device over other external storage drives is the ability to have multiple computers connect to the drive at the same time without the need for any specific computer to be on (ie sharing a USB external drive). Further as the device draws comparatively low power by comparison to a computer it can be left on and used as an effective back up drive for multiple machines in your business network.


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